Only the most naive among us would fail to realize that political parties invest vast amounts of resources in pollsters, marketing analysts, focus groups, image consultants, psychologists, political consultants, public relation experts, media advisors et al. to cultivate our perception and opinion of that party. Their effectiveness rivals, if not surpasses, anything found on Madison Ave. The goal of this effort is to cultivate "identity politics" whereas a supporter of the party adopts the platform of the party rather than maintaining loyalty to their morals, ethics and priorities.

The Republican Party has branded itself as the Party of patriotism, fiscal responsibility, small government, family and christian values, individual choice and responsibility, religious freedom, free markets, national security, support for the military and the right to life, relieving the tax burden, amongst others.

The Democratic Party has branded itself as the Party of the middle class, unions and the working man (and women) and the downtrodden. Champions of individual freedoms, rights and liberties. Proponents of the environment, a living wage and affordable healthcare.

Need anyone do is merely reverse engineer the legislative actions of either Party to realize that their marketing is antithetical and hypocritical to reality.

Need the hypocrisy of both parties be pointed out? While the Republicans talk out one side of their mouth concerning what the Republican Party supposedly stands for, their behavior has been antithetical to it. They claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility, yet they are responsible for for the majority of the deficit that now confronts us. They purport to be champions of christian values, nonetheless they legislate diametrically to the teachings of Christ. They proclaim to be the party of religious freedom, all the while suppressing the religious freedoms of all those not Christian while simultaneously bemoaning the "war on Christianity". They claim to be the stalwart backers of the military and servicemen and women even as the have opposed EVERY increase in veteran's benefits and services. Their definition of "right to life" extends no further than the birth of a child, after which the right to life evaporates with the Republican Party's systematic reduction in every imaginable service for their most helpless and vulnerable constituents, while privileging the least needy with the most massive tax relief in history.

The Democratic Party is no better, if not worse. They have betrayed the constituency they claim to represent for almost half a century now. Their trade deals, resistance to a living wage and their lack of support for trade unions are responsible for the plummet in the American standard of living. They are answerable for every bit as much of the degradation of our planet as their counterparts. And they betrayed their oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution by instituting the most by instituting the most outrageous, draconian and unconstitutional laws and policies in our nations history.

I challenge anyone and everyone to name a single bill or legislative proposal that has advanced the constituency's greater good in the past 40 years. Our elected "representatives" of both establishment parties concerns have deteriorated to the singular agenda of maintaining their positions of privilege and power. To this end they have instituted, and just as importantly, fail to institute laws and regulations to keep our nation from becoming the most corrupt on the planet. Our elections are overseen by the most corrupt, biased, partial and self-serving private organizations which serve no other purpose than maintaining the status quo and suppressing any other party that might actually serve the electorates interest. Our elected officials have insulated themselves from the riffraff and "little people" that make up their constituency while catering exclusively to and allowing access to those that are able advance their self-interest, self-advancement and self-enrichment.

So the next time you imagine yourself critically thinking, open minded or politically savvy enough to support an establishment party candidate, realize that your decision to do so is nothing more intelligent, astute or noble than succumbing to that party's marketing and labeling. You are no smarter than the opposition party's supporter. You are exactly the same, a sponge that soaked up the propagandist misinformation that makes you believe that by voting for any of the, Republican or Democrat, will bring about anything other than the same damage we have been experiencing for decades.

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