We Are Democracy Rising

We are Democracy Rising.

We are your friends and neighbors working to create a resilient and thriving community.

We rise to inform and activate people towards a more secure and sustainable future.

We are a grassroots community action group who stand together to promote change.

We believe in connecting with others through community events and educational outreach.

Democracy Rising recognizes the evolutionary power of information technology in forever transforming government.

We will use measurable data to hold our elected officials accountable.

We will research and inform people about public policy, and help guide new policies for the good of the community.

Issue-oriented foundation: the six areas of our focus

  1. Political Integrity,

  2. Jobs & Economics,

  3. Food Security,

  4. Energy & Environment,

  5. Housing & the Houseless,

  6. Community Building.

We welcome you to join us!

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