Our Vision

Educate, Advocate, Innovate, and Activate each other toward a future where everyone thrives.

A political process to believe in, where we know our votes count and we are free of special interests swaying the odds to their favor.

Clean water, pure air, sustainable land use and move to clean energy by 2035

A thriving economy where everyone has the education, skills and opportunity for a living wage job, therefor a sustainable future.

Sustainable food sources, local food movement, community gardens, food exchanges. No chemicals.

End homelessness. Work to gain a home for every citizen of Grays Harbor where they can feel safe.

All humans are created equal, move away from the "us vs. them" mentality.

We believe in democracy, working together for the greater good


We believe in the Inalienable Rights of Self Determination and Autonomy

For the Human Race

For Animals

For Nature


We believe in Integrity- Transparency, Honesty, Truthfulness, and Morality

In personal relationships

In all group relationships

In political representation


We believe in Courage

Speaking truth to power

Standing in your truth


We believe in the revolutionary power of data (facts)

A fact is a fact; measurable and tangible

We reject perception management and power-seeking through division


We believe in Justice







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